26 sept. 2009

Post Joya Barcelona

  • La participación de Joyas Sensacionales en Joyas a la Carta:

  • Maria Brossa participó en Enjoia't 09
  • Martina Pontena expuso sus delicadas tripas en Joyas a la Carta como ganadora de Enjoia't 08
  • Rocío Viñas expuso en Joyas a la Carta como estudiante invitada

  • Los ganadores de Enjoia't 2009 fueron:

Premio profesional Marie Jose Hoeboer con Sugar

Premio Estudiante Pamela Pérez con L'inconegut

Premio Público Maria Ninot con Caos

25 sept. 2009

365 Brooches!!! a good example of exploration of ideas

"365 Brooches - Inspired by some crafty people, I have decided to create my own '365 project', essentially making a brooch a day for one year. This project will be used as a means of exploring ideas, processes and found materials that I have collected, nay hoarded over the years. I see these 'brooches' as quick 'sketches' of ideas rather than actual finished pieces, and as such they may only take a few minutes to make, but allow for the ideas in my head to become some form of a reality. They may not be pretty, they may not be practical and they may be something else entirely but they are a start, and what better place to begin than that. "

Zoe Brand

Sydney Australia

500 Silver Jewelery Designs

Lark Books convoca presentacion de piezas de plata, para realizar selección para el libro    
 500 Silver Jewelry Designs.
Sin coste, envío antes del 4 de diciembre

Diego Bisso y Ana Cardim en Amsterdam " Jewellery pop-up store"

A New Pop-Up Store For Jewellery

23 sept. 2009

Libro de Anillos Promopress. Nicolas Estrada. Hasta el 31 de Octubre

Libro de anillos. Promopress, editorial barcelonesa
El libro tendrá alrededor de 200 páginas. Cada pieza contendrá la ficha de su autor y de sus propiedades técnicas.

Fátima Tocornal en Galería Aleph, Ciudad Real

Fátima Tocornal participa en la Exposición Retrato-Identidad que se inaugura el 1 de Octubre en la Galería Aleph en Ciudad Real.

Judy Mc Caig en Amaranto

El 15 de Octubre comienza la expo de Judy McCaig en Amaranto

22 sept. 2009

Fabrizio Tridenti

El lunes 21 en la Escola Massana tuvo lugar la conferencia "Hard Wear Beauty" por Fabrizio Tridenti.
Super interesante


21 sept. 2009

Tere Calderón en el Centre Cultural de Ripollet

Tere Calderón nos mostrará su trabajo en vidrio del 27 de octubre al 22 de noviembre. 


La próxima edición de Schmuck será del 3 al 9 de marzo 2010 en Munich. El plazo de presentación de piezas que serán seleccionadas para la exposición organizada por la Cámara de Artesanos en Schmuck y Talenten es hasta el 1 de octubre. Hay formulario en inglés y en francés

12 sept. 2009

Taller Perill en Joya Barcelona 2009

Mucha gente peligrosa participa en el marco de Joya Barcelona 2009, los próximos 17,18 y 19 de septiembre:

  • Joyas Sensacionales coordinado por Silvia Walz expone en Joyas a la Carta
  • Maria Brossa ha sido seleccionada para el premio Enjoia't 2009
  • Rocío Vegas expone en Joyas a la Carta en la modalidad de alumno invitado

Os esperamos a todos en los premios Enjoia't09 el jueves 17 a las 20:00 en el Auditorio del FAD y en Joyas a la Carta los tres dias de 11:00 a 20:00 en el Convent dels Angels.

Silvia Walz y Ramón Puig en Salamanca

Silvia Walz y Ramón Puig exponen en Salamanca, en la galería Luis Méndez Artesanos del 4 al 30 de Septiembre, qué suerte los que podais verla.....

c/ Felipe Espino 2. Salamanca.

10 sept. 2009

The European Prize for Applied Arts 2009

28.11.2009 to 17.1.2010

The European Prize for Applied Arts is organised by WCC•BF, in partnership with WCC-Europe,Design Vlaanderen and the City Mons.

No less than 100 designers from across Europe will attend the exhibition and competition held in the Great Hall of the Ancients Abattoirs Mons.

The countries represented are: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, United Kingdom, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Luxembourg , Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

You find it by clicking below the list of artists selected classified:

alphabetically - by country - by discipline


Rinaldo Alvarez
Enric Majoral
Auba Pont
Rosa Nogues Freixas
Katharina Dettar

The competition is focused on the artists working in the field of applied arts and design-led crafts and living in a European country (including the countries that are not part of the EU).
By “design-led crafts” we mean all kind of objects made by their designer, either one-of-a-kind pieces or small series products. Objects produced by industrial means are not admitted in this competition.

The objects admitted to the exhibition will be of high quality in design and technical aspects and of innovative input.
The selected works will be shown, from 20th November 2009 until 17th January 2010, at the Grand Hall of the Anciens abattoirs of the City Mons (Belgium).

The European Prize consists in two categories :
  • the “Master Prize” , provided with a prize-money of 3.500 euros,
    to be given the author of a masterpiece (older than 30 years at the 1st November 2009)
  • the “Young Talent Prize” , provided with a prize-money of 3.000 euros,
    to be given to a young artist (aged max. 30 years on the 1st November 2009)

Further prizes might be given, depending on the financial opportunities at the moment of the opening of the exhibition.

A trilingual (GB/F/NL) full-colour catalogue will be published with introduction texts and at least one page with text and photograph for each participating artist.

Felicitaciones a Laia y Rinaldo

Juried Jewellery art exhibition


22.9.-11.10.2009 Galleria Johan S. and the Finnish Jewellery artist association invites all artists to a juried jewellery exhibition.The theme of the exhibition is porn. In todays world porn has become more visible in all its positive and negative meanings. We have a wide range of porno that reaches people of all ages and it has subtly become more acceptable. The applications should comment this theme freely in an individual way. How to participate:Pictures of the works (1-3) should be sent to Galleria Johan S. via e-mail(info@galleriajohans.fi) no later than the 1st of August2009. The jury will select the participants from the pictures and the chosen artists will be notified by email. The chosen artworks will be required to be submitted to the gallery no later than the 31th of August.The exhibition will be open from the 22nd of September to the 11th of October.For more information please contact:Clarice Finell clarice@galleriajohans.fi, tel +358-9-63 11 61


  • A5 ( Romina Fuentes, Annika Pettersson, Adam Grinovich), Sweden
  • Rinaldo Alvarez, Spain
  • Marlene Beyer, Germany
  • Laia Borrell, Spain
  • Lies Cayers, Belgium
  • Anna Furrer
  • Mervi Kurvinen, Finland
  • Jorge Manilla, Mexico
  • Maria Nuutinen, Finland
  • Inni Pärnänen, Finland
  • Lucas Santiago, Spain
  • Jenni Sokura, Finland
  • Elo Uibokand
  • Jaakko Vasko, Finland
  • Johanna Virtanen, Finland

  • Take a walk on the Grey Area

    Take a walk on the Gray Area

    Starting Wednesday 27th August, the blog Walking the Gray Area will act as a forum for a group of Latin American and European artists and jewellery-makers for the exchange of thoughts, experiences, ideas, and images on two main topics: jewellery and global mobility.
    And for viewers from all over the world to witness in real time, how a jewellery exhibition is developed from scratch.
    The curators, Valeria Vallarta Siemelink and Andrea Wagner, have each selected 19 artists from their respective continents: Latin America and Europe.
    Each artist has a unique approach to jewellery: different ideas, different interests, different materials and techniques, different countries.
    But all artists have one thing in common: like the curators themselves, they are or have all been migrants: born in one place, living/working/studying in another one.

    Sebastián Buescher, Dani Soter, Celio Braga, Janetje Felischhut, Carla Castaigo , Vaentina Rosenthal, Francisca Kwetiel , Nelli Tanner, Maria Jose Fabrega , Auli Latinen, Andrea Wagner , Carolina Hornauer, Susanne Klemm , Samantha Fung, Karin Seufert - María Constanza Ochoa, Jorge Manilla, Christoph Zellweger, Luzia Vogt, Telma Aviani, Terhi Tolvanen , Guigui Kohon, Miguel Luciano, Leonor Hipolito, Helena Biermann Angel , Hanna Hedman, Mia Maljojoki , Alejandra Solar, Mirla Fernades, Kajsa Lindberg, Ketli Tiitsar, Chequita Nahar, Ineke Heerkens - Julieta Odio, Walka Studio , Natalie Luder Carolina Vallejo and Eduardo Graue have been randomly paired in 19 couples to explore, through jewellery-related dialogues, issues related to global mobility, identity and territories in dispersion and the way they perceive and have been affected by this phenomena during their rambling around the world.

    Each artist will create a jewellery piece as a product of their own dialogue. The resulting exhibition, Walking the Gray Area, will be presented within the frame of the Symposium Gray Area, Encounter of Contemporary Jewellery between Latin America and Europe in Mexico City, April 2010.

    The blog and discussions will be moderated by Jose Manuel Springer, writer, curator, editor of the contemporary art magazine Replica 21 and current Attache Culturel of the Mexican Embassy in the Netherlands.
    We invite you to visit the Walking the Gray Area blog and to participate in the discussion.

    8 sept. 2009

    Premios Enjoia't

    El jueves 17 de septiembre a las 20:00 en el FAD, tendrá lugar la entrega de premios de Enjoia't 2009 en el marco de JOYA la semana de la joyería contemporánea de Barcelona